Politique de Confidentialité (GDPR)

Politique de Confidentialité (GDPR)

GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories)



GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories), as the Processing Controller, places fundamental importance on its obligation to comply with the current regulatory and legal framework concerning the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data.

The aim of the present declaration is to inform you, as prospective or/and current clients, suppliers and in general transactors under any property with GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) about the processing of your personal data, in the frame of your service, according to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and its specific implementation context.

In specific, with the present document you will be informed about the following:

  • Who are we and the details of GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories).
  • Which are the general principles that GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) follows when processing personal data.
  • Which of your data may be processed.
  • For what reason this processing takes place.
  • Which are the likely recipients of your data.
  • What is due in case your data are transferred to third countries (Cross-border Transfer).
  • How long are your data kept.
  • What happens when the period that your data are kept expires.
  • What are your rights concerning your personal data.
  • Which are the obligations of GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) during the processing of your data.
  • Protection from phishing attempts.
  • Electronic services: E-commerce, electronic transactions, promotional activities.
  • Update - amendment of the present Declaration of Personal Data Protection.



GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) is an S.A. that produces car accessories, registered at the General Commercial Registry (GEMI) under number 12593108000, website: http://www.tessera4x4.gr. Our headquarters are at Elefsina, 19,5 km on the National Road Athens-Korinthos, PC 19200.

In the context of its statutory purpose and its general operation, GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) is a construction company that produces car accessories aiming at the commercial disposal of its products.



In the context of its operation GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) takes care so that the processing of your data is in compliance with the following general principles:

  • The collection is taking place in an appropriate manner, with your consent/agreement wherever is required, for an explicit, clear and legitimate purpose, with appropriate and legal processing in the context of the respective purpose.
  • Your details/data gathered are relevant to the processing purpose, adequate and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.
  • The details/data are reviewed so that they are accurate, and are kept up to date.
  • The details/data are kept in a form that allows your identity to be specified for the required period in the context of the processing purpose.
  • Your data are immediately rectified when they are inaccurate and are deleted when you so ask.
  • Appropriate safety measures are implemented for the protection of your data and for the prevention of dangers such as loss, unauthorized access, destruction, unlawful use or revelation.
  • Before the processing of your personal data, you are duly informed, and you give, where required, your consent, willingly and actively. Your consent may be revoked at any time, without of course affecting the legality of the processing that was based on your consent before it was revoked.

Your consent is not necessary at the following cases:

  1. For the execution of your contract with GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories), or in order to take measures upon your request before signing the contract.
  2. For the compliance of GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories), as the Personal Data Processing Controller, with its legal responsibilities.
  3. For the protection of your vital interests.
  4. For the execution of duty carried out in the public interest or during the exercise of official authority vested in GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories).
  5. The processing is necessary for purposes related to legal interests of GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories), unless your interest or your fundamental rights and liberties prevail those interests.



GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories), proceeds to the collection, observance and processing of personal data that you announce or have announced as prospective or current costumers and suppliers in the context of our cooperation or before that.

We note that GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories), at any given moment, processes only personal data that are necessary for the respective purpose of processing.

In particular, GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories), is likely to process the following personal data:

Personal data that you or the above mentioned persons have given to us, like:

  • Identity and legalization details (full name, father’s name, date and place of birth, ID card or passport details).
  • Demographics (sex).
  • Contact details (address, phone number, mobile or landline, email address).
  • Electronic identification details (i.e. electronic signature).

We note that it is your obligation to inform GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) timely, for any alteration of the above details.

Personal data gathered by GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) for you, such as:

  • In the frame of your correspondence and in general communication with GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories).
  • Transactional behavior data.
  • Data about the function of our contract.
  • Cookies and respective technologies that provide facilitation of access and use of certain services and/or websites for statistical purposes, data transferred by supervisory, judicial and other Public and Independent Authorities concerning penal convictions, offenses, enforcement of measures for the assurance of public interest, seizures, confiscations.
  • Data that concern you and are publicly accessible, online or in any other way.

The personal data processed by GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) are kept in any written form and/or by electronic or magnetic means.



GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) may process the above mentioned personal data for the following purposes:

In the frame of the execution of the contract or before that, mainly in order to:

  1. Identify and verify your data.
  2. Communicate before the signing of the contract for matters concerning your contractual relationship with GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories).
  3. Fulfill contractual or legal responsibilities.
  4. Draft and execute a contract and in general for the smooth operation of the contract and the fulfillment of obligations of both parties.
  5. Serve, manage, follow, process of your transactions and in general for the fulfillment of our obligations.




The recipients of your data which GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) is obliged or is allowed to announce, according to legal or regulatory provision or judicial decision or in the frame of the legal operation of your contractual relation with the company, could be third parties related to GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories), natural or legal persons, services or other entities, such as:

  1. Natural or legal persons that cooperate with GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) and act on its behalf, for the achievement of the processing purpose of the contract (Consultants or Partners etc).
  2. Third to GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) parties, natural or legal persons, acting on its behalf, including the following categories:
    1. Companies that supply and support information systems.
    2. Security companies.
    3. Consultant companies, including the financial consultants and the auditors of GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories).
    4. Insurance companies and insurance mediators.
    5. Staff leasing companies.
  3. Social Security Bodies, Public Organizations, Registries and Public Companies.
  4. Supervisory, Judicial, Independent and other Authorities at a national or European level, for the fulfillment of obligation of GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) according to a legal or regulatory provision, or judicial decision, such as: Public Authorities, Courts, Prosecutors, Interrogators, Notaries, Bailiffs, Property Registry Agents, Greek or foreign Lawyers and Law Specialists.
  5. Auditors and Audit Firms.

It is noted that GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) will be informing you about the transfer of your data to the above mentioned recipients, if that is foreseen by the current legislation.

GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) may announce your personal data to the respective Supervisory, Independent, Police, Judicial and other Public Authorities, as inflicted by the current legal and regulatory framework, on a regular or irregular basis, if a respective demand is submitted, or if it is obliged to submit a report with the above data without previous special notice.

It is noted that in case GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) assigns the processing of personal data to a third party, who acts on its behalf, this party is obliged to fully conform with the instructions of GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories), while the conformity is ensured by specific provisions at the respective contractual documents of outsourcing and the observance of corresponding procedures.



GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) in the frame of realizing its activities and complying with the provisions of the regulatory frame, can proceed to transferring/accepting personal data to or/and from Exclusive Representatives - Clients, as well as to interconnecting certain files, if that is required.

The above described transfer or interconnection is taking place according to the provisions of the European legislation for companies based in countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) or the local legal framework for other companies, outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

The transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) is taking place only if these countries offer an adequate level of personal data protection. In case the third country outside the European Economic Area (EEA) is not providing an adequate level of personal data protection, the personal data may be transferred to this country only if the data protection is included in a data transfer agreement, which ensures an adequate level of protection, or if the requirements of the European and national legislation are met (i.e. you as the subject of the data have agreed to the transfer in writing).

GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) ensures, via adequate procedures, that the processes required by the local Authorities are taking place, as well as that any involved Company is ensuring the safe processing of the personal data transferred or interconnected.



GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) is processing your personal data during the whole period of our cooperation and after its ending or termination for any reason, for any period of time prescribed in the respective legal and regulatory framework.

In particular, your personal data processed by GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) are kept for the whole duration imposed by the processing purpose for which they were submitted and/or by the respective legal and regulatory framework.

As soon as this period expires, the data are kept according to the standing institutional framework for duration foreseen by the termination of the business relation or for any time period needed by GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) in order to support its rights in front of a Court or any other Authority.



In case the period for which your data is kept expires, GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) pays special attention to their destruction. In particular, for this purpose it has established and applies a respective procedure, which is implemented after it is examined that there is no need to keep a record in order to comply with legal and regulatory requirements or in order to protect its interests, and it is based on the guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) ensures that the above procedure for destroying files that contain personal data is binding for third parties that offer services on its behalf, and for any other persons with whom it collaborates in the frame of outsourcing or any other contract.



After verifying your identity, you have the following rights as the Subject of Data:

Information right
GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) must inform you if processing your data, indicatively about which data it processes, why, for how long it will keep them, with a transparent, comprehensible and easily accessible form using a clear and simple wording.

Access right
You have the right to receive from GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) a confirmation about whether or not your personal data are being processed, and if that is the case you have the right to access them.

Rectification right
You have the right to ask GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) to rectify any inaccurate personal data and to complete any incomplete data.

Erasure right
You have the right to ask GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) to erase your personal data which may happen if specific conditions are met.

Right to limit processing
You have the right to ensure by GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) the confinement of processing, if certain conditions are met.

Right to object
You have the right to object the processing of your personal data at any time. In that case, GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) must stop processing, unless it can manifest imperative and legal reasons that prevail your interests, rights and liberties as the subject of data, or for the foundation, exercise or support of legal claims.

Right to data portability
You have the right to ask GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories)to give you the personal data you have provided, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, or to be transferred by GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) to another provider.

For further facilitating the exercise of your respective rights, GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) is making an effort to develop internal procedures in order to timely and efficiently respond to your relevant requests.

For exercising the above mentioned rights, please submit your request to GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories).

In case you believe that the protection of your personal data is in any case offended, you may appeal, if you wish, to the Personal Data Protection Authority, using the following contact details:

Website: www.dpa.gr

Address: 1-3, Kifissias Av., PC 115 23 Athens

Call Center: +30 210 6475600

Fax: +30 210 6475628

E-mail: contact@dpa.gr


Assurance of confidentiality and security of processing

Processing of personal data is confidential and is exclusively done by natural persons under the control of GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories).

These natural persons are selected based on strict criteria established by GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories)which aim at providing enough safeguards concerning their knowledge and personal commitments for observing the confidentiality.

GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) undertakes adequate organizational and technical measures for data security and their protection from infringement incidents, such as accidental or illegal destruction, accidental loss, forbidden dissemination or access and any other form of illegal processing. The undertaken measures aim at ensuring a level of security in proportion to the dangers arising by the processing and the nature of the data being processed.


GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) may update, complete or/and amend the present Personal Data Protection Declaration, according to the legal and regulatory framework in force at any given moment.

In that case, the updated Declaration will be available both online at the website of GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A (Tessera4x4 accessories) (https://www.accessories-4x4.com/) and at the headquarters of the company (19.5 km of New National Road Athens-Korinthos, PC 19200).