Protection "Anti-Feuilles" et Indicateur de niveau d'eau

With this new post we would like to present you 2 innovational features added to our successful series of our aluminum roller lid shutter (SOT ROLL Series by Tessera4x4 Accessories).

These 2 innovational features incorporate a new technology to the existing roller lid shutter and provide to the end customers an extra care and long-life protection of their purchase.

Before proceeding to the reveal of the two innovations, firstly I would like from all of you to consider the main motivation to equip your 4x4 pickup truck with our company’s aluminum roller lid shutter (SOT-ROLL series by Tessera4x4 accessories).

The main customers, who will consider to buy this product is to transport securely their personal belongings in their 4x4 pickup trunk.

Our roller lid shutter’s specially designed aluminum hinges are the only that offer 100% security as they are impossible to disengage each other. Furthermore, the Vinyl surface on top of these strong aluminum hinges (panels) provide the perfect protection against the harshest of weather conditions (read more information for the unique features of our aluminum roller lid shutter SOT ROLL series here).

In this overall great performance, we developed and patented (European Patent: EP 19151572.5) the new “Anti-Leaf technology” and the new “Water Level indicator” * to achieve the best and long life operation of the aluminum roller lid-shutter (roll top cover).

The new Anti-Leaf technology and the special metallic designed sieves curve upwards ensure that small leaves or debris will be filtered properly.

As a result, this gives us 300% more protection from leaves or debris to block the water pipes (drainages). This means long-life protection to the spring from corrosion.

However, how easy could be the control inside to the housing box with no effort and in any time?

For this reason, we introduce a revolutionary feature which is applied for the first time in the global market of roller lid shutter’s industry, the “Water Level indicator”.

This Patented built-in indicator is important to every customer, as now will be able to have visual inspection any time. So, now is possible to check if there is blocked water inside the housing box unit, with no need to open it.

In case of water overflow, the customer has the visibility to check if he has to open and clean the housing box, following the instructions of our “Proper Care & Usage” manual.

For the instructions of our “Proper Care & Usage”, you can scan the following QR Code which can also be found on the sticker label to all our aluminum roller lid shutter’s housing boxes.

The water level indicator follows the housing box's curves and integrates a unique sport design, which provides a strong advantage to Tessera4x4 brand and separates our aluminum roller lid-shutters (SOT-ROLL series) from its competitors.

The combination of these two innovational features is very important to ensure that there won't be blocked water inside the housing box, which could lead to the corrosion and damage of the inner spring mechanism.

Tessera4x4 accessories philosophy is to provide to all its customers, the most premium products for their beloved 4x4 pickup trucks and the most unique service experience.

Thank you for your attention.

Stay tuned with us.

*Available from third quarter of 2019