The special “CURVED” roller lid shutter

In June 2016 Fiat launched its new pick up version, the “Fullback”, a name which can easily bring to your minds memories of the invulnerable Italian defense of the “Squadra Azzurra”, a model which is in fact practically identical to the latest generation of the successful Japanese Mitsubishi L200.

Two different but also same vehicles, with an outstanding performance and exceptional design. As I have referred to the design, I suppose a few knows about their special curved-finish trunk of the double cab versions.

Sometimes curves, especially those which referred to mathematical diagrams, are annoying, others in modern architecture are gorgeous. For us, Tessera4x4 accessories were just another challenge from which we managed to create the new aluminum roller lid shutter SOT 1311 ROLL.

The SOT 1311 ROLL comes to fill the already successful range of roller lid shutters, which can completely hug and at the same time reinforce with 5mm anodized aluminum the rail parts of the trunk. This special curved roller lid shutter can also be combined with extra accessories such us roll bars, side hand rails, etc.

Following the trend and the exceeding demand from our customers for the “Black Matt” paint (30 minutes firing in 180 degrees), you will find this as a standard version for this roller lid shutter which I firmly believe will add a touch of elegance and amplify the already “labor” character of your favorite Mitsubishi and Fiat pickup.