La série avant-gardiste Tessera Roll+

Discover the world’s finest & flexible roll top cover – The Avant-Garde "Tessera Roll+"

Not happy with what market offer regarding 4x4 roll top covers? Here at Tessera4x4 accessories we build a culture that enables flexibility and decided to create our own superior version. The “Ultimate and Futuristic” next generation of roll top covers and the next big thing in pick up accessories, incomparable with competitor’s roller lids.

Imagine a Modularly designed roll top cover which can serve multiple purposes. A basic version which can be upgraded anytime and transform into a spring or electric operated version. Standard equipped with a beautiful rear red LED light and illuminating Tessera4x4 logo, serving as beam light, brake light or even as an emergency alarm. Internal moving white LED light so you can easily inspect your staff inside the trunk. Next level connectivity and operation with any mobile device (iOS & Android). Voice commands with digital assistants such as Siri, Bixby, Alexa. "Hey Siri, open Tessera Roll+". Maintenance pop up alerts with real time notifications to check for blocked water inside the canister, lubrication of the side rail parts, etc. Embedded physical sensors to the rear slat enabling the "One Touch" operation and Obstacle system technology. Ladies and gentlemen, imagine no more.

Let me introduce to you the most beautiful, high quality, versatile and technologically advanced roll top cover of the global market, the Tessera Roll+ series.

A new product that significantly alters the way people think about roll top covers for pickup trucks.

Tessera Roll+ series design concept is to provide flexibility to any customer (retailer & wholesaler).

For the first time in the global auto market, we revealed the 3 in 1 MODULAR DESIGN, a revolutionary roll top cover which can be easily upgraded anytime to Electric or Spring version in a couple of minutes.

Tessera Roll+ series is launched as a Basic version, and it can be transformed to Electric or Spring version with the E-KIT or S-KIT respectively.

In our webstore we are offering 3 different versions of Tessera Roll+ to choose from according to every need and budget. Both kits are universal and can be used for any basic version no matter the model of the pickup truck.

Basic version is hand manually operated while with the addition of the S-KIT (inner spring) a smooth, silent, and safe automatic rewind of the roll cover into the canister is achieved using the spring’s motion.

Customers can also choose to upgrade with the E-KIT and enrich their experience to an easy and automatic operation of the roll top cover with electric motor & AI smart control.

Summary of E-KIT features:

• Specially designed AI controller board with the following specs:

✓ No need calibration. The only motor system in the global market with no need of calibration to each vehicle’s trunk body length, as it does it automatically.

✓ Soft open/close feature: Specially programmed system which provides soft open/close feature for smoother usage.

✓ Maintenance popup alerts: The first roll top cover in the global market that informs you to clean canister’s drainages in case of water is blocked inside. Also is the only roll top cover that calculates rolling time for open/close process and informs you to clean and lubricate the side rail parts for smoother rolling.

✓ Mobile App integration.

✓ You can stop and lock your roll top cover at any point by step-less auto locking.

✓ Obstacle feature with embodied sensors.

✓ Triple operation system (Mobile Phone Application, Rear slat "One Touch" operation, Key Fob remote).

• Electric Motor tested in the most extreme conditions.

• Specially designed key fob remote. (2 pieces)

Electric version is motor operated with 3 different ways:

1.           One touch by pushing the rear slat (used as a physical button).

2.           Key fob remote

3.           Through your mobile phone (iOS & Android)

Tessera Roll+ cover has the ability to recognize obstacles (e.g. cargo, luggage, etc.,) thanks to the located physical sensors built into the rear slat and with no usage of motor current. Achieving more accurate and secure protection, a long-lasting life of motor and the ultimate performance against any weather conditions (e.g., ice, snow, etc.,) (activated only with e-Kit).

Basic version is standard equipped with a Red LED Light Bar & Logo that can be used as extra beam light, brake light and in case of E-KIT as an obstacle warning flash alert or even as an emergency alarm.

And what about the trunk area? The answer is the built-in White LED Internal Light Bar. A moving full-length white led light bar located inside the rolling end slat which brightens and highlights the focus of the trunk bed area.

While all the above characteristics are mind-blowing, the surprises continued as Tessera4x4 accessories introduced a whole new way of extra accessories installation combining with Tessera Roll+ series. Easy to adapt extra accessories such as roll bars, side handrails, cross racks WITHOUT DRILLING the trunk body of your pick-up truck 4x4 and transport your goods.

Tessera Roll+ series are equipped with special designed 5mm side rail parts with incorporated T-Slots and for the first time there is the option for a customer to choose between a light usage or heavy-duty usage mount process.

Roll bars and side handrails can now be installed using the T-Slots with a DRILL FREE procedure using the special adaptors RB-KIT & KOY-KIT respectively.

We can totally agree that security is generally the first thing anyone thinks of when investing in a roller lid-shutter for their 4x4.

Tessera Roll+ incorporates Ultimate Security Systems making it the most secure roll top cover in the global market. Securely place all your belongings in the trunk, knowing that whatever the weather, your property will not get damaged or stolen.

Our specially designed (patented) aluminum hinges connect with each other in such a way that to get through them is virtually impossible while the internal locking system and aluminum locking teeth prevent unauthorized access.

Either electric motor or spring are placed & protected inside the aluminum (heavy duty) central shaft (Direct Drive System). The only roll top cover that its motor takes NO EXTRA SPACE of the trunk load area. An innovative design of rear slat in combination of the smallest canister's dimensions (Double Cab 20cm x 23cm (HxW) & Space cab / Single cab / American models 26cm x 30cm (HxW)), offers the advantage of maximizing load net capacity both in length and height.

Not only does our Tessera Roll+ provide great security, but it can also withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Ultimate Weatherproof features such as specially designed drainages into the side rails parts, 2 main oversize drainage systems Φ20 with 2 overflowing systems in the canister body are tested to last in the most extreme weather conditions (60 litres/min). The only roll top cover in the global market with a specially made obstruction system (anti-leaf system), to protect the water drains of canister from leaves and small trash.

I know what you’re thinking, roller shutters as good as this must surely be hard to fit. Wrong! Installation is easy and quick, with no need for drilling (only necessary when combining accessories for heavy-duty usage (load>70kg) water drainages (without bedliners) and in cases of wiring cables). On our website you will find technical manuals and videos that will help you with the installation.

Can be installed easily in vehicles with or without bedliners UNDER-rail or OVER-rail types with no need for the rail part to be cut.

If saving money on fuel is important to you, we can help you there too, as it reduces noticeably the amount you spend on fuel. When operational, the roller lid-shutter increases the aerodynamics of your vehicle, creating a smoother drive, particularly at high speeds, and performs like a big wind-spoiler. Such a smooth ride inevitably means less fuel burned and fewer gas station stops for you.

The new generation of Tessera Roll+ comes with 8 Patents, 5 from European Patent Office (EPO) EP22185152.0, EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6, EP19151572.5, 1 International from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO): WIPO Hague (WIPO100520) and 2 National issued from Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI): Νο.1007595, Νο.1008155.

The only 100% handmade aluminium roll top cover (Tessera Roll+ series) in the global market, made with finest raw materials and artistry / craftsmanship of Tessera4x4 accessories with 35 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Ready to upgrade your 4x4 driving experience?

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