Automechanika Francfort 2022 Participation

Finally, after 2 postponements due to COVID pandemic, the international aftermarket was able to meet again in Frankfurt. 2,804 exhibiting companies from 70 countries presented their products on exhibition’s 19 hall levels.

Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt: “Things are clearly heading in the right direction. Together with our customers and our international partners, we are optimistic about the future: nothing can take the place of trade fairs. The strong international component amongst exhibitors from 70 countries and visitors from 175 countries alike makes it clear that the international automotive aftermarket is back in Frankfurt. Participants also took full advantage of the new networking opportunities to finally meet with one another in person and make new business contacts.”

Our participation in 26th Automechanika Frankfurt, hosted in a 4-sided island style booth of 135m2 in Hall 12.1. Stand E51 in which we welcomed a record-breaking number of professional and final customers.

This year was a game changer, as in the fair was held the global reveal of our company’s new futuristic child, the “Tessera Roll+ series”.

A new product & concept that significantly alters the way people think about roll top covers for pickup trucks.

Visitors had the opportunity to check our Tessera4x4 Rolls and explore the complete range of premium handmade accessories, such as roll barsside handrailscross racks equipped to 4 fully customized pickup trucks.

Tessera Roll+ series is the ONLY roller lid shutter in the global market which incorporates a 3 in 1 Modular Design technology. 

This innovative design provides the flexibility to any customer (wholesaler & retailer) to equip any pickup truck accordingly to every need. The Tessera Roll+ “BASIC” version can be easily upgraded at any time to "SPRING" by adding the S-KIT (inner spring) or to “ELECTRIC” by adding the E-KIT (electric motor, mobile application, 2x key fobs and the A.I. controller board) with no use of tools or special knowledge.

Every customer can work more efficiently using the spring or the motor motion for their roll top covers. Both components (motor or spring) are mounted & protected inside the aluminum (heavy duty) central shaft (Direct Drive System) and take up NO EXTRA SPACE of the vehicle’s trunk load area.

Summary of E-KIT features:

• Specially designed AI controller board with the following specs:

✓ No need calibration. The only motor system in the global market with no need of calibration to each vehicle’s trunk body length, as it does it automatically.

✓ Soft open/close feature: Specially programmed system which provides soft open/close feature for smoother usage.

✓ Maintenance popup alerts: The first roll top cover in the global market that informs you to clean canister’s drainages in case of water is blocked inside. Also is the only roll top cover that calculates rolling time for open/close process and informs you to clean and lubricate the side rail parts for smoother rolling.

✓ Mobile App facilities.

✓ You can stop and lock your roll top cover at any point by step-less auto locking.

✓ Obstacle feature with embodied sensors.

✓ Triple operation system (Mobile Phone Application, Rear slat "One Touch" operation, Key Fob remote).

• Electric Motor tested in the most extreme conditions.

• Specially designed key fob remote. (2 pieces)

Customers were simply amazed from the Triple operation system and the revolutionary way to interact with their Tessera Roll+

  1. One touch by pushing the rear slat (used as a physical button).
  2. Key fob remote
  3. Through mobile phone via official Tessera4x4 App (Available for iOS & Android smartphones)

While all the above characteristics are mind-blowing, the surprises continued as Tessera4x4 accessories introduced a whole new way of extra accessories installation combining with Tessera Roll+ series.

Tessera Roll+ series are equipped with special designed side rail parts with incorporated T-Slots.

For the first time there is the option for a customer to choose between a light usage or heavy duty usage mount process.

Roll bars and side handrails can now be installed using the T-Slots with a DRILL FREE procedure using the special adaptors RB-KIT & KOY-KIT respectively.

Our premium quality range of accessories can boost any pickup truck efficiency and provides increased fuel efficiency, driver comfort and safety.

We could not be prouder and more satisfied with the fantastic results that we achieved in design, power, durability, versatility, and technological innovations. Tessera4x4 accessories, with certified pioneering, innovative technology, and passion in everything we do, has successfully developed into one of the largest European 4x4 centers for PICK-UP(S), JEEP(S) and SUV vehicles for over 35 years.

The new generation of Tessera Roll+ comes with 8 Patents, 5 from European Patent Office (EPO) EP22185152.0, EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6, EP19151572.5, 1 International from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO): WIPO Hague (WIPO100520) and 2 National issued from Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI): Νο.1007595, Νο.1008155.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to BLUEICE Team, Mr. Hubert Linder, our exclusive dealer in Germany and his partners Mr. Claudio Falcone from Italy and Mr. Stefan Lehmann from Switzerland. Their complete support helped us to overcome all challenges such as the logistics of the pickup trucks, and to successfully attend such a wonderful automotive exhibition.

From all Tessera4x4 accessories team, we’d like to extend our sincere appreciation to every visitor. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

Thank you for making our attendance a success and we hope to see you soon in a next fair.