4x4 Roller Lid-Shutter Handle and Protective Cap

4x4 Roller Lid-Shutter Handle and Protective Cap

For those of us who are unlucky enough to be in the northern hemisphere right now, winter has well and truly begun. It’s freezing outside. So cold in fact, that many of us are struggling to feel our finger tips. I don’t know about you, but I remember the old days when leaving the house to go to school, and I’d see a line of angry but shivering men pouring boiling hot water from a kettle onto their car because their door locks were frozen and they couldn’t get the key to go in!

This is a common problem we forget can happen

Fast forward to today, and the problem still exists. “Why does it happen so easily?” I hear you ask. It’s quite simple. When cold rain mixed with freezing temperatures enter the key lock it freezes up, causing a blockage and ultimately can damage your lock entirely. Not so great is it? Therefore, not only are you stranded outside in the cold weather, but you can’t get your key in to get on with your day!

It’s not just the door locks that can freeze. We’ve also heard stories from people that their 4x4 roller lid-shutter locks are freezing too. Sounds like a nightmare. Well, not if you buy your roller lid-shutter (sot-roll series) from us!

You see, from hereon, all our 4x4 roller lid-shutter (sot-roll series) come with the new high security central locking system, with new ergonomic handle and protective cap from weather conditions (made in Germany).

4x4 roller lid-shutter lock with protective cap

This simple, but highly effective protective cap, will stop the harsh cold weather conditions from gaining access to your lock, and let you get on with your day.

This is just another example of how our design department makes every effort to build the most durable and weatherproof 4x4 roller lid-shutter in the global market.

The lock protective cap complements the already strong and durable 4x4 roller lid-shutter , which was also designed to battle against the forces of nature. For those of you not already aware, our roller lid-shutter is extremely weatherproof because of its unique combination of vinyl-PVC sheet surface combined with strong aluminum hinges (panels) that roll along the anodize aluminum profile side rails.

We’re so confident that we have the ultimate 4x4 roller lid-shutter, that I’m sure if Santa ever needed a 4x4 to store all his lovely gifts, he’d be one of our customers to keep them safe and dry!